Alongside membership-based options, we accept most major health insurance plans.

What is the difference between Insurance-based vs membership-based care?

Insurance-based medical care is a traditional healthcare system where services are billed through insurance companies. While it has been widely used, there are some major drawbacks. First, it can be confusing and costly, with copays, deductibles, and unexpected bills. Second, it often leads to shorter doctor visits and less personalized attention due to billing limitations. Third, insurance networks may limit access to certain specialists or treatments. Lastly, administrative complexities can burden both patients and doctors. Overall, insurance-based care can be costly, impersonal, restrictive, and administratively burdensome.

At Avicenna Direct Care, we make our best efforts to minimize these inconveniences. However, due to the nature of the insurance-based system there are certain limitations we are not able to work through. Please go over our Q&A page for more details.

We recommend that even if you have medical insurance to enroll in our membership as it is often more cost effective and hassle-free, the way primary care should be.

Insurance Plans Accepted

This list of insurances changes regularly, and insurance plans listed may not be accepted at all office locations or physicians. Before your appointment, please confirm with your insurance company that we are in-network for you or your family.