Integrative. Functional. Preventive.

Whatever you call us, we are anything but conventional.

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Avicenna Direct Care

We strongly believe in the doctor-patient relationship, as it forms the foundation for personalized care and collaborative decision-making.

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Treating root-cause, not symptoms

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From pediatrics to geriatrics

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24/7 access to your physicians via visits, phone, video or text

Extended visits of up to 30 to 60 minutes

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Lifestyle first approach.

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True care partnerships

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At Avicenna Direct Care our core belief has always been in nurturing the doctor-patient relationship, which unfortunately is being gradually eroded. Health systems and insurance companies have managed to insert themselves in the middle, altering the personal dynamics. What was once a relationship built on trust and healing has now become focused on numbers and metrics. By removing the concern of insurance companies authorizing tests, medications, or procedures, we are better equipped to advocate effectively for our patients' health.

We understand that time is a precious resource that allows for meaningful connections, thorough assessments, and personalized care. With smaller panel sizes, our clinicians can dedicate ample time to each patient, fostering a healing and therapeutic partnership. This approach enables comprehensive discussions about health concerns, and the exploration of individualized treatment options. By ensuring that our patients receive the time they deserve, we strive to create an environment where they feel heard, understood, and actively involved in their healthcare journey.

By prioritizing lifestyle modification as the key driver to health and wellness, our clinicians aim to empower individuals to take control of their own health. Through education, guidance, and support, they assist patients in making sustainable lifestyle changes that can prevent the onset of chronic diseases, reduce reliance on medications, and improve overall quality of life. This proactive approach not only addresses current health concerns but also lays the foundation for long-term well-being, centered around promoting and preserving health.

We are a unique medical practice that offers a hybrid payment model to ensure accessibility and flexibility for our patients. Initially, we started as a direct primary care (DPC) practice. This membership-based model allowed for enhanced access, longer appointments, and personalized care. However, as our practice grew and we added new physicians, we recognized the importance of accommodating a broader range of patients and their insurance coverage. To meet the needs of our expanding community, we have evolved to accept all major insurances, providing a wider range of payment options while still retaining the core values and benefits of direct care.

Welcome to a new standard of care.

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Our Team

Bilal Mannan, MD MHP

Internal Medicine Preventive Medicine Obesity & Metabolic Medicine

Lubna Malik, MD

Pediatrics Preventive Medicine

James Snell, DC