Frequntly Asked Questions

Receiving Care

What does “Avicenna” mean?
What does “primary care” include?
Who are the physicians?
What is “DPC”?
Why should I pay monthly for primary care when I don’t have any serious health issues?
What do I/we get for the monthly fee?
I have many conditions and always seem to be at the doctor’s. Is there a limit on how frequently I can schedule an appointment?
With a monthly fee, the more care I receive, the less money you make. How can that work?
I see there are option for different plans other than primary care. What are they?
What if I need specialty care or labs outside Avicenna?
What about emergencies?
How does insurance-based billing works and what is fee-for-service (FFS)?
What services are covered by fee-for-service insurance?
How much will I have to pay for each service?
Do I need to submit claims to my insurance company?
Are there any limitations or exclusions in fee-for-service insurance?
How can I determine if a service is covered by my insurance?
Do you take my insurance?
Why did I get charged for a copay and/or deductible when my insurance covers well visits?
If I think there is an error on bill, is it ok to wait until my next appointment to bring it up?
What does "Maximum Benefits Reached" mean on my statement?
Do you do sport's physicals, school forms and other medical form?
Why is my deductible higher for some visits than others?


Is there a cash discount on other medical services?
Do I still need health insurance?
What if my HMO plan requires an in-network primary care physician?
How often will the fee go up?
Can I use my HSA to pay monthly DPC fees?