FAKTR: A Revolutionary Approach to Pain and Recovery

The FAKTR rehab system is a revolutionary approach to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Developed by leading experts in the field, this system combines advanced technology with evidence-based techniques to help patients achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time possible.

The system is based on the principles of functional and kinetic treatment, which focus on treating the whole body rather than just the specific injury. This holistic approach addresses not only the injured area but also any related compensations or imbalances in the body. By identifying and correcting the root cause of the problem, the FAKTR system is able to help patients achieve lasting results.

The FAKTR system includes a variety of treatment techniques, such as manual therapy, exercises, and modalities, that are tailored to the individual's specific needs. These techniques are designed to improve the range of motion, reduce pain, and increase strength and function. One of the key features of the FAKTR rehab system is the use of advanced technology and real-time feedback. This allows therapists to precisely target the affected area, and monitor the progress of treatment in real time. This allows therapists to provide customized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

One of the unique aspects of the FAKTR system is its emphasis on active rehabilitation. This means that patients are actively involved in their own recovery, working with the therapist to achieve their goals. This approach leads to better outcomes and faster recovery times.

FAKTR is effective for a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Sports injuries
  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Neurological conditions
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Chronic pain

The FAKTR system is appropriate for patients of all ages, from athletes and weekend warriors to older adults with degenerative conditions. With the help of a trained FAKTR therapist, individuals can improve their function, reduce pain, and return to their normal activities as soon as possible.

Dr. JR Snell at Avicenna Direct Care is certified in FAKTR system and has helped many patients with acute and chronic pain. Schedule a consultation if you are experiencing any musculoskeletal pains. 

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James R Snell, DC


JR Snell is a Chiropractor originating from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His journey, however, commenced with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, which he obtained from Coastal Carolina University.

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